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Herceg Novi

Manastir Savina

The history of Monastery Savina in Herceg Novi brings us back to the time when Sveti Sava (Saint Sava) lived, after whom the monastery was named. It belongs chronologically to the Baroque period.

It is located in the most beautiful part of the Bay of Kotor, on a hill which offers a magnificent view of the sea and the peninsula Lustica.magnificent view of the sea and the peninsula Lustica.

Kanli Kula Fortress

It was built after the reconquest of Herceg Novi from the Turks in 1539. Today this is one of the most beautiful summer stage on the entire Adriatic coast, where the walls with its beautiful view of the city.

Forte Mare Fortress

If translated it means “Sea Fortress” and thus, Forte Mare was built in the rocks in 1382. This, nowadays well-known tourist destination is a summer picture theater with a stage.

Promenade Pet Danica

For those who enjoy walking by the sea, they will enjoy the 6 km long and nice promenade from Igalo to Meljine.

Njegoseva Street (Street of Njegos)

Street of Njegos or main street of the city is the base of many exclusive shops, administration, travel agencies … From it you can enter to the most beautiful city park, Park “Boka”.

Church of St. Archangel Michael

This temple of unique architecture is at the Herceg Stjepan Square, a popular Belavista. Built in the neo-Byzantine style, it has decorative elements of the Romanesque-Gothic reminiscence (1905). In the environment are elegant old historic buildings where operate archive, library, radio station, gallery …

Clock Tower (orig. Sahat Kula)

The Clock Tower is the entrance to Old Town and it is the symbol of one of the most important tourist attractions of Herceg Novi. By staircase between the square of Nikola Djurkovic and Square Belavista (nice view), it is possible to pass through the gate of the city under the Clock Tower. The tower was built in 1667.

City Museum

The building of the City Museum is endowment of Mirko Komnenovic, bequeath to the city with a desire that the house becomes a museum. Endowment consists of the museum building built in the late 18th century and the beautiful botanical garden with more than a hundred of selected species of Mediterranean and subtropical plants formed in the park style.

Church of St. Leopold Mandic

It is located on the Mica Pavlovic Square and was built on the ordersof Jerome Korner after the liberation of the city from the Venetians, 1688. It is dedicated to Leopold Mandic, who was born and raised in Herceg Novi, who was beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1983 .

Orjen Massif

Orjen massif is a part of coastal mountain range of Montenegro and certainly it’s most interesting part. It occupies the southwestern part of Montenegro.  According to the area it is the largest mountain range at Adriatic. It is situated on the border of Montenegro, Croatian and Bosnia and Herzegovina in the area of about 400 km2.

Lustica Peninsula

Luštica is known for high-quality cold squeezed olive oil, the cheese from oil  of intense flavor, for the prosciutto and the brandy which is formed by fermenting of  Mediterranean bush fruits which dominates this end. On Lustica are the most attractive beaches of Herceg Novi: Zanjic, Miriste, Dobrec … Peninsula is often called the small Holy Mountain because of its rich cultural heritage. There are 21 churches, of which 19 Orthodox and two Catholic. This is the best illustrated in the centuries of harmonious coexistence in the region.

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“City of eternal greenery, sun and stairways” Ivo Andric