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Church of St. Varvara is located along the road, in the hamlet Gojkovici. A harmonious stone building is from the 17th century, renovated in 1849.

  • GPS 42.502848, 18.495596

Vido’s peak site is located above Topla Bay and Sutorina field in the area of the village Svrcuge, near the village of Mokrine and Mokrine’s hamlet Lazarevici. From the architecture, there were discovered foundations of the church dedicated to St. Martyr Lazarus, prince of Serbia from the 15th century, which base belongs to the type of churches with arched holes characteristic for the period 15th -17th century on the territory of Old Herzegovina, part of the walls from the time of its reconstruction in 1889 and part of the Illyrian walls that served as foundation for the northern and southern walls of the church.
Vido’s peak (781 m), with the recently renovated church and remains of the ancient site around, is a prime point of view.
It is approached from the crossroad at the church of St. Varvara on Mokrine, initially of concrete an after that by steep macadam road, surmountable by walking, mountain biking, or by driving an off-road car and to the site itself there is another access to the mountain path leading through the village Svrcuge to the very top.

  • GPS 42.500045, 18.465402

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