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Luštica – a natural harmony, peace, serenity and untouched nature are the reason why you should visit the Luštica peninsula.
This unique paradise is the right place for lovers of the Mediterranean way of life as locals of Lustica live for centuries.
In ten villages that preserved the typical Mediterranean architecture, houses are surrounded by olives and figs, almonds and carobs, separated by pine and coastal pine forests.
Luštica is also famous for its quality cold-pressed olive oil, intense taste oil, prosciutto and brandy made out of “maginja” – mulberry tzpe , which is created of fruits of the Mediterranean shrub dominating this region.
On Luštica are located the most attractive Herceg Novi picnic areas Zanjic, Mirište, Dobrec, Rose and Blue Cave … The peninsula is often called the small holy mountain because of the rich cultural heritage. There are 21 churches, of which 19 are Orthodox and two Catholic.
Apart from delicacies, Luštica offers numerous opportunities for diving, sailing, grazing, kayaking, hiking and cycling.

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