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Owing to their favorable position, Orjen and Herzegovina’s hinterland were in the past also interesting for Herceg Novi conquerors and especially for Austro-Hungarian Empire, which capacitated some of the hinterland springs and made functional roads, so that the army could easily reach strategic positions at that time. For this reason, the access to Orjen is enabled from all sides. From whichever side you come to it, it will welcome you with open view to the natural beauties of this area, as well as with its favorite view of the entrance to Boka and the sea. Massif Orjen is a part of the wreath of the coastal mountains of Montenegro and certainly its most interesting part. It occupies the south-western part of Montenegro. Considering the area, it is the largest mountain massif on the Adriatic. It is situated on the triangle border of Montenegro, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, on an area of ​​about 400 square km.
It is accessed from Vrbanj by hiking trail or by (poor) macadam road (10 km) to Orjen notch, from where there is another 1h by marked hiking trail to the main peak.
There are three mountaineering huts on Orjen, of which the most representative is “Za Vratlom” (1160 m), and there are also mountain lodges „Vrbanj” (1010 m) and “Orjen sedlo” (1600 m). These lodges are not permanently opened and the prior announcement is preferable!

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