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Rose, the ancient Greek settlement of Ponto Rosa, destroyed by the Saracens in 867. This small port, mentioned in the records of Constantine Porphyrogenitus in the year 841, provided ships with protection from the south and from the bora. An important dock and quarantine from the Venetian period, a typical Mediterranean town, with captain’s houses and palaces beneath the sea, arranged in front of the harbor. It is surrounded by lush vegetation dominated by cypresses, pines, olives and carob. North is a small sandy beach – Malo Rose is an ideal place for those who like to relax in peace and quiet.
There are several restaurants and a Forte Rose tourist complex where you can enjoy sea delicacies, and some of them, in cooperation with local people, provide diving, sailing and fishing services on the shore. If you want to start your holiday right in the village of Rose, accommodation is easy to find. Almost all locals rent apartments, while those who want a full-time vacation without stress can find them in the Forte Rose complex.
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