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The second place for entry into the depths of the Orjen massif is the Vratlo notch, the meeting point of Mediterranean and crude and mountainous interior. Access is possible by a marked hiking trail (1h), or by weak macadam road (only for SUV) from the site Borici.4 There is a mountain lodge “Za Vratlom” (1160 m), an excellent starting point for many destinations located deeper in the mountain.
Marked hiking trails lead to the speleo-archaeological site Zlijebi barrow (1300 m), 40 min. away from mountain lodge (light path), as well as to the peak Grab (1383 m), with the remains of the Austro-Hungarian watch-tower, at distance of 1 hour from mountain lodge by labeled mountain pPath (easy path).
The medium-difficult paths include climbs to the surrounding peaks: Velko Cedilo (1446 m), Odljevo (1571 m) and Subra (1679 m), the most favorite hiking destination on t Orjen. It is 2: 30h from mountain lodge by labeled mountain path. There is an exceptional karst relief and endemic forest of pines (Pinus heldreichii). Subra is also a famous lookout.

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