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Vrbanj, Žukovica, Vučji do

Vrbanj is the favorite mountain resort of citizens from Herceg Novi and their guests. There are restaurants, taverns, apartments, hiking lodges and sports grounds.
Also, apart from the destination, Vrbanj is the starting point for going to the depths of Orjen. For walking, there are marked hiking trails to Katun Zukovica (1h), Vucji do (1: 30h) and Poljice (2: 30h).
For more ambitious mountaineers, the most attractive route to Veliki Kabao (from Zubci) (1894 m), the main peak of Orjen massif and the highest point of the coastal Dinarides (4 h) and even more demanding trail to Subra (1679 m), also is 4 hours away.

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