Results of stakeholders involvement for the definition of the Local Agenda

Results of stakeholders involvement for the definition of the Local Agenda

Organization of workshops and selection of stakeholders were organized using quintuple helix methodology, taking into consideration all relevant subjects and their involvement, in order for the final document to be prepared with the aim in better addressing needs and priorities of children and families.

At the first workshop, 24 stakeholders were present, from local governance, museums, library, tourist industry, educational and higher educational institutions, NGOs, tourist agencies, environmental organizations, hotels, cultural institutions, etc., discussing topics such as: sustainable mobility; adjustment of tourist facilities to children and families and designing additional content for children in the restaurants and cultural offer for children. In the first phase of the project, stakeholders showed interest for designing child-friendly content and events, as well as branding and improvement of the existing offer, if the Tourism Organization, as an umbrella institution would take care of coordination with this process. At this workshop, the participants provided concrete proposals but also indicated certain problems existing and that might occur in the future period. The second workshop was attended by 19 stakeholders from the following areas: secretariats, local governance, utility companies, non-governmental organizations, daily center and NGOs dealing with persons with disabilities, parking service, sports associations, mountaineering association, environmental sections, center for social welfare, sport center, tourist organization.

Stakeholders agreed that the child-friendly concept is very interesting and necessary for our town. All participants in the second workshop agreed that more should be done regarding design and creation of infrastructure for persons with disabilities, adding that as part of this phase of such concept, pilot project of mixed playground for children and children with disabilities would be rather interesting and necessary to our town, not merely for children living in Herceg Novi but to those visiting and staying as guests in our town. Stakeholders proposed concrete solutions regarding events and processed already organized and those that would be designed in the future period of implementation of local agenda. Pursuant to these proposals, it would be possible to prepare tangible action plans in the future document. They also pointed out to certain problems with which the town will have to confront in implementing agenda if these are not resolved in a timely manner in the planning phase.

All information are rather useful and coordinators of the activities will apply those in the initial phase of preparation of the plan. Apart from the above mentioned, meetings were held with 9 stakeholders that were not able to attend the workshops and certain number of these also submitted their proposals in writing.

Final product in this phase of the project will be City Agenda document that will, as an adequate strategy, contain action plans with period of implementation by the areas encompassed.


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