Establishment and transnational meeting in Herceg Novi

Establishment and transnational meeting in Herceg Novi

The first physical event after kick off meeting in Fano for the purpose of project WONDER will be held in Herceg Novi, Montenegro as establishment and transnational meeting. The meeting will be organized with the support of European Union through project WONDER - a Child friendly destination which was approved under the second call of the Adriatic-Ionian transnational program.

Project partner meeting in Herceg Novi will be organized 2 days in Palmon Bay hotel on September 30th and October 1st .

Project partners presented will be: Municipality of Fano, Municipality of Velenje, Tourism Ogranisation of Herceg Novi, Municipality of West Achia, Observatory for Children and Youth Rights, City of Novigrad, Development Center Novo Mesto, Municipality of Cervia, City of Dubrovnik development agency and Municipality of Preveza. The value to the project will give also associated partners: Healthy city Split, Albanian Investment Development Agency and Chamber of Achia.

On this meeting partners will share and discuss a work plan for the future work that will be essential for the sustainability of the network after the project’s end. It will guarantee the joint cooperation and implementation of activities, as well as a practical tool for enlarging the network and engaging new members. Transnational network of child friendly destinations will jointly work on children engagement and children tourism to improve the attractiveness and competitiveness of WONDER cities.

On the WONDER Network partners will share their work for the improvement of the child- friendliness of their destinations. The definition of an Action Plan is directly aimed at enlarging the
network and offering other organizations the opportunity to benefit from the project’s experience.

The work plan will represent the basis for the future work of the WONDER Network. A network will serve as a promotion, dissemination and marketing, and will represent a captivating opportunity for many local authorities and organizations. After the conclusion of the project, the Network will keep working on the improvement of child-friendly services and policies and also to the enlargement of its members in WONDER network with the aim of making the cities child friendly!

The principal objective of the project WONDER is to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of destinations from the Adriatic-Ionian Region thanks to a child-friendly approach, aimed at improving the livability of cities and the touristic offer through the development of new participatory methods.

Total project value of the project is 1,697,000 EUR and it will last until end of March 2022.