Statistics...Local assessment report - Project WONDER

Statistics...Local assessment report - Project WONDER

In the previous month, the Tourism Organisation of Herceg Novi distributed 3 types of surveys that were created for the cultural, economic sector and public administration. Also, focus groups were organized in order to get more information and to have more data to be compared.

In the average we present you the answers that were used for the Local Assessment Report for the purpose of project WONDER. This document will be then integrated into the Action plan and the strategy to be involved on the local level. 

Strength of the tourist offer of the town are: sea and beaches, old town and cultural heritage, manifestations, offer of the restaurants. 

Weaknesses of the tourism offer of the town are:

insufficient private investments, bad management of public areas, inadequate knowledge and training of tourist workers.

On the question -Which services targeting families and children are currently available in our town? 92,3% of representatives of the cultural sector have activities and services dedicated to children. Those are: educational activities, participation in the cultural and fun activities, children workshops, different concerts of students and teachers, children carnivals...

From the business sector, 46.7% offer special prices for families and children, 20% have areas and premises dedicated for children; 6.7% are renting bicycles or other transportation means for children.

Regarding current services targeting children available in our town representatives of local and public administration answered that 41.2% are intended areas and contents such as children playgrounds. 

Regarding perception of the quality of tourist offer and services that need to be improved in order to encourage development of tourism and needs of children, majority in all 3 sectors said: accommodation with intended areas and services; restaurants with children menus; beaches with playgrounds and entertaining services for children; equipped parks and green areas; thematic parks; educational trails; more events and initiatives targeting children; adequate services of public transportation.

Regarding the interest in investing into services targeting children, 66.7% of representatives of business entities and tour operators are interested if there is an initiative coordinated by the association or public authority competent to support such initiative.

Thank you all for your participation.