Statistics...what children have said about Herceg Novi

Statistics...what children have said for Herceg Novi

The Faculty of Management Herceg Novi analysed answers from 100 surveyed children (52% were girls and 48% were boys) for the activity of the WONDER project financed by the European Union. Respondents were school children aged 10 to 14. 

In 82% of cases, the respondents answered that the city represents a safe place for living, they feel protected and able to move and circulate freely in the community.  

Out of the total number of respondents 46% of them think that they were not involved in the process of planning and deciding at the level of the community, while 27% of them think the opposite, and 27% of them did not know. 56% of children stated that they were not asked by the local governance on their opinion on their manner of life, participation and involvement in the local community, 8% stated that they were asked on these matters and 36% of children stated that they did not know.

Majority of respondents - 67% answered there are no bike trails that they can use, 24% said the opposite and 9% did not know. However most of them-84,5% agreed there are enough walking paths in the city while just 14% did not agree. 

On the question why don't you use the playgrounds majority said that  equipment is too old or damaged and 93% said that the city should repair old ones and build new playgrounds. 

If we form a Children Council in our Municipality 68% answer that they would love to be part of it, 15% said the opposite and 17% did not know. 

On a section how do you imagine the ideal city, answers were: More theme parks for children, green parks and playgrounds, zoo, bike and athletic tracks, sports courts, public beaches adjusted to children, open pools, more cultural and sports events, cinema and theatre shows, better conditions in schools such as introduction of canteens and school lockers, children workshops, animators for children, and in general more care about the city itself in the community.

All these answers were very beneficial for the report and will be shared with the representatives in the Municipality in order for children's voices to be heard and to make a step forward in making the Herceg Novi child friendly city.