Book square 2021

Book square 2021

International book fair was first held in the park outside of the Institute dr Simo Milosevic and then briefly under the name „Otvorena knjga (Open book)“ while for the past few years is held under its current name „Trg od knjige (Book square)“ in the Old town on the Belavista square. The fair opens usually in July. First time the fair was organized was in 1994. Organizers changed but the continuity was not endangered. Since 2003 the fair is held in its current location, new name and concept gave a stamp of recognizability to this manifestation.

The fair is designed as a unique review of publishers that as a goal has promotion of books and reading and to provide to a wide number of visitors of different interests, the best and latest editions and titles of both domestic and foreign fine literature from all fields of science and knowledge.

What makes the Herceg Novi Book square special is the impressive ambiance of the old town, meetings with writers, mass visits, exclusive and diverse evening program, presenting of new editions, kids programs, concerts, and of course the hospitality of the city host.

Organizers of the fair are the Department for culture and education of the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the public institution City Library Herceg Novi. In celebration of the book as the biggest value and a reliable guardian of the world's memory, diverse programs are thought out: literary, children, homeland, music and theater programs. In the spirit of the mission of the Book square is to point out the significance of reading, and books as a civilization range in relation to the challenges of modern society, leisure time and light entertainment is the moto of the fair: The world of books is the most beautiful world that the man has ever created. -Clarence Sheppard Day.


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