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Guitar Art Fest

Guitar Art Fest

Guitar art fest is an international festival of classical guitar. Concerts are held every night in the heart of the Old city between the two churches, Music school, stone houses and a summer starry sky. Certain concerts are held every year on the ancient Kanli kula.

As part of the festival, during the day, summer school of guitar is being held, with which the GASF supports and promotes young talent who have the opportunity to work and perform alongside the greatest guitar artists.

This festival of guitar today represents one of the most significant places of creation for guitar culture and music in Montenegro. The festival in Herceg Novi, with the authentic tone that rings throughout Kanli kula, the stairway and the Music square, has a tradition of 14 years now. This prestigious manifestation is known in the world for its remarkable professionals that perform here. For 14 years Guitar Art Summer Fest brings together different types of music. The concert program is designed so that everyone can choose his favorite kind. This music festival has become an integral part of the summer in Herceg Novi.

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