Herceg Novi comic book festival 2021

Herceg Novi comic book festival 2021

The Association of Comics Lovers and the manifestation "Herceg Novi Comic Festival" was founded in 2007 by the artist and comic artist Nikola Ćurčin. The goals of the association are the popularization of comics and education about the ninth art. The festival is also designed as a cultural event that extends the summer tourist season, and the date of the festival is the first Friday in September, while the duration of the festival is six days.

Although it started as a manifestation with a modest budget, the Herceg Novi Comic Festival (HSF) managed to attract world-renowned artists such as Igor Kordej, Esad Ribić, Zoran Janjetov, Darko Macan and others as special guests from the earliest editions. At the same time, Tihomir Tikulin Tico, Vladimir Vesović and Iztok Sitar built their place as regular guests and trademarks of HSF. As the festival grew, Nikola Ćurčin expanded the team of organizers and HSF was joined first by Jovan Subotić and then by Nebojša Mandić. This trio starts to work miracles during the coming years.

The festival goes beyond the regional framework, gained huge media attention, acquired the title of "Festival of special importance for the city" and became one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Europe for fans of the ninth art. The growth of the festival is reflected in the growing number of special guests as well as in the attractive music programs that accompany the content related to comics. With the status it has acquired among admirers of the ninth art, HSF fully fulfills the role of both an important cultural event and an event that brings Herceg Novi an extension of the summer tourist season. The Herceg Novi Comics Festival hosts twelve new special guests every year and has about sixty artists returning to the festival. All-day programs are held each of the six festival days at various locations in the city, and end with live music programs and an after party. Programs include exhibitions, drawing for fans, drawing on T-shirts, signing, presentations, panel discussions, screenings, comic book action in a bottle, etc. In addition to regular comics, the festival also offers guests plenty of accompanying programs such as tours, cruises, diving, jet ski, salsa, music concerts, parties. Since 2016, the Association of Comic Book Lovers has been organizing another event, smaller in size, but not smaller in quality. The Winter Comics Weekend is designed as a themed event dedicated to one big comic book star.

The first guest of the Comics Weekend was William Simpson, the main cartoonist for the filming of the planetary hit TV series "Game of Thrones" and the winner of the Emmy Award. This event largely represents a turning point in the history of the Association and the beginning of the dizzying rise of HSF, and Mr. Simpson since 2018 and officially holds the title of Ambassador of the Herceg Novi Comics Festival. For its contribution to the development of relations between the two countries, the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Montenegro awarded the Association of Comics Lovers "Herceg Novi Comics Festival" award "Caravaggio" while the Novi Sad Fair 2019 awarded HSF a gold medal for top quality event.

The permanent partners of the Herceg Novi Comic Festival are the Municipality of Herceg Novi, the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Montenegro and the Embassy of the Republic of Italy in Montenegro. Sponsors and friends of the festival are numerous Herceg Novi companies, catering facilities and public institutions that selflessly give their infrastructure to HSF. The strategic goal of the Association of Comic Book Lovers "Herceg Novi Comic Festival" is to raise their festival and their city to the level of the world's largest events dedicated to the ninth art.


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