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Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival

Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival

Operosa is a festival of classical music and opera that has a goal the promotion of young and talented operatic singers. This is the first operatic festival in Montenegro. During the summer, young and well renowned opera singers from the Balkans, as well as foreign musicians perform some of the most famous opera pieces in history. Organizer of the festival is „Operosa“ a international platform for connecting, exchange of knowledge and information from the fields of performance art, whose mission is that the opera is shown as a modern and fun form and to make sure that the young artists can develop through work with world class producers.

Festival of opera and classical music Operosa was founded in 2006 by Katherine Haataja, a mezzosopran, for promotion of young opera talents and a modern expression to the audience. Operosa Montenegro Opera festival is held on the unique open stage of the Kanli Kula. Festival combines unique performances of international opera talents with a wealth of local cultural heritage attracting an increasing number of audience and media from around the world. The goal of the Operosa festival is to focus on the repertoire that best suites young opera singers, working with top notch producers and presenting opera as a modern and fun form.

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