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Kanli Kula

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It was built on the site and foundations of an earlier fortress. In the present size, the work of the Turkish builders has preserved, in the most part, the authentic architecture of that time.

Raised at an altitude of 85m, on the northern side of the city, and with its position and ramparts, surrounds the complex fortification system of the Old Town. The dimensions of the fortress 60x70m, with angular towers of coarse domesticated stone, are monumental. Some parts of the western wall belong to the period of early use of firearms.

The Turks gave it a final look, while the Venetians made certain repairs and attachments after major damage, especially in 1687. in the conquest of Herceg Novi after two years of Turkish rule. The interior of the fortress contains a well-preserved cistern, which eventually lost its original purpose and became a prison cell. On its walls, we can still see numerous drawings of various types of galleries, representation of fish, crosses, coats of arms and dates. The drawings were engraved in mortar, and were carried out by prisoners, especially in the time of the Turks, which can be seen by the type of galleys used by the Turks in the 16th and 17th century.

The inside of the Kanli kula was first restored in 1960. for the summer stage, perhaps the most beautiful open scene on the entire Adriatic coast, with a thousand seats and amphitheater of rare beauty and functionality. The successful adaptation was done by the architects Milorad Petijević from Herceg Novi and Katarina Đivović from Dubrovnik. Then archaeologist Ilija Pusic performed significant sondy and protective archaeological research in the scene and theater scene. The designers adhered to the values ​​of architecture and the complete vision of the fortress walls which could not be said for the second, complete adaptation, after the earthquake in 1979, when the interior of the fort was practically immersed.


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