Rock Festival is a street festival from the Studiun Festivals cycle organized by the NGO RUKA, which aims to promote creativity and community spirit in a location that is one of the symbols of Herceg Novi, a city of 100 001 Steps.

During the two days, Novljans and tourists will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the rich offer of local creators and creatives in the fields of arts, crafts and gastronomy, as well as to try home-made products.

This festival is inspired by summer and the products that are ripening in our area, figs and grapes.

MC "Cruiser" motorcycle club in Herzegovina is preparing for their motorcycle gathering, which is traditionally organized on the last weekend in August.

The eighth MC "Cruiser" motto will be held by 30. August through 1. In September, at the Usce beach in Igalo, to justify the high reputation that this event has gained among motor lovers, they have taken a serious job, according to club president Dejan Dabovic.

- The organization of a three-day international gathering with thousands of visitors requires a lot of preparation, especially since in the last seven years we have been dedicated to building this whole story, and at least slightly "raising the ladder" each time. Our motto is a favorite among bikers, not only because it takes place on the coast, but also because of the special atmosphere and positive energy it radiates. Moto meetings are an opportunity to strengthen the old and make new friendships, to relax, have fun and socialize with people who share our love of motorcycles and travel. It is up to us to welcome and welcome them in the right way, so, as always, we will do our best to provide them with all the conditions for a pleasant stay and a good time, reads Dabović.

All details about the venue and the program of events have been agreed, and this year, guests from the country and abroad are provided with free entrance and camp, as well as meals and rock concerts.

- Next week we will start with the landscaping, in order to get as many places for tents and ready to welcome the first bikers, who come a few days before the official start of the rally. We will set up eco-friendly toilets and showers in the campsite, and fence that space away from the parking lot and accompanying vehicles. Traditionally, we will welcome our guests along with banquets and vines, and give them propaganda material about Herceg Novi. The good evening of the first evening is the responsibility of the local band The Pass Matters and the rock band Krugovi u žit from Trebinje, the second evening of the Rudolf band from Kolašin and New Deal from Bor, and on Saturday, 31. In August, we will organize the traditional motorcycle defile through the city, as well as biker games, Dabovic announces.

Despite the great enthusiasm and effort of the club members, all of this would be difficult to organize without the financial assistance and support of city institutions and sponsors, Dabovic said.

- MC "Cruiser" international motorcycle gathering is not of a commercial type, because the goal of our club is not to make a profit, but to have as many fans of two-wheelers, our friends from numerous motorcycle clubs in the country and the region, come to Herceg Novi, have a great time. carry wonderful impressions and further extend the story and positive image from this event. Fortunately, the Municipality of Herceg Novi and the City Tourism Organization have recognized the importance and potential of our motorcycle rally, for which we are grateful, as well as other sponsors who support what we do, said Dabovic, and invited all motorcyclists and bikers, as well as others who they like to have a good time with good music, to join them on the last weekend of August at the mouth of the Sutorina River.

On Friday, 16.08. In the organization of TOHN andLazure marina, the "Sailing under the moon" regatta was held. The event attracted a large number of sailing enthusiasts.

16 sailboats sailed under the moon and the first three places were won by Oxygen, Medusina and Tofino.

On the big stage of 10.09.2019 Park Hall. beginning at 20: 30h, the Montenegrin premiere of the musical "Poor Lisa" will be produced by the State Youth Theater of St. Petersburg "AA Briantseva". directed by Mark Rozovsky.

This masterpiece addresses the most important topics of first love and deception, morality and goodness, dedicated to the memory of the great director GA Tovstonogov. In TUZ's play, director Mark Rozovski captures the spirit of the author's era, decorating his play with musical and poetic touches that give the story a new brilliant color.

The performance of this play, to the mutual satisfaction, deepens the connection between Herceg Novi and St. Petersburg, which began with the signing of the protocol at the end of the previous year.

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Play, Music and Production - Mark Rozovski Music Composer - Yuriy Ryashchev Music Director - Aleksandra Chopik Set Design and Costumes - Ksenija Simanovskaya Lighting Designer - Denis Solntsev Duration: 1 h. 50 min. The show is recommended for viewers over 16 years old.

Admission is free.


"Vodovod i kanalizacija" doo - Herceg Novi, in cooperation with JUK "Mirko Komnenović Local Museum" Art Gallery "Josip Bepo Benković" and NGO Boke Ecological Society are organizers of the Leonardo da Vinci Drawing Exhibition, "LEONARDO 500 ", in celebration of the 500 years since the death of the great Renaissance painter and ingenious mind. The exhibition will be staged at the Boka Park, 21 in August. The opening is scheduled for 19 hours, and the exhibition will be opened by Dr. Tomislav Vukicevic.