On the occasion of the "World Hiking Day", we invite all nature lovers to join the hiking tour "Health Trail" in Vrbanj on Sunday, October 18.10.2020, XNUMX. years.

20 years ago, the World Sports Association launched the "World Hiking Day" campaign, which was supported by the World Health Organization, linking it with the global initiative "Moving to Health".

The gathering is at the information and educational center of the Agency for Development and Protection of Orjen on VRBANJA at 09:00, where hot mountain tea will be served for all participants.

The trail is located within the Nature Park in the area of ​​Žukovica and Vučji dol. Part of the trail leads through an ambientally diverse wooded area and plateau, and shows a tame part of the rocky Orjen. The tour is planned to last four hours, after which a reception will be organized, again with mountain tea at the information and educational center. The trail is 8,4 km long, and a height difference of 150 m of ascent and the same number of descents is achieved.

The tour is suitable for all nature lovers with basic walking condition. It is necessary to have adequate footwear, trousers, a jacket, a small backpack with water and food, a spare T-shirt, protection in case of rain and, if possible, first aid kits.

At the following link you can see instructions on how to get to the Information and Education Center in Vrbanj:

https://www.google.com/maps/dir / 42.455113,18.5584142 / 42.5515172,18.5062274 / @ 42.4940347,18.4928922,12z. Transportation is in your own arrangement.

Information and registration by phone 067 933 993. We remind all participants that it is mandatory to respect the measures of the National Coordination Body. See you at Orjen!


https://orjen.me/pjesacka-health-trail tour /