The tourism organizations of Herceg Novi and St. Petersburg signed a cooperation agreement in the Astoria Hotel in the center of the city where emperors were one crowned, which will further strengthen already strong links between the two organizations. The signing was attended by the high representatives of Herceg Novi, the director of the Herceg Novi Tourism Organization Pavle Obradovic, who was one of the signatories of the agreement, Ambassador of Montenegro in Russia Ramiz Bešić. Russian cultural client Konstantin Sukhenko, director of youth theater Svetlana Lavrecova and director of the Tourism Organization of St. Petersburg Nadezhda Petrova, who was signatory of the agreement on the Russian side.

After a brief address by official persons, a half-hour presentation of Herceg Novi and Montenegro followed, followed by b2b meetings of the hotel and tourism industy of Herceg Novi and St. Petersburg, which resulted in numerous arrangements and business deals. 

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All participants expressed their satisfaction that they attended the event, praised the organization of the event and confirmed that they were able to launch a large number of new collaborations that they believe will be long-lasting and successful.

The cooperation of the two organizations will be continued through various joint projects such as the performances of our cultural societies in St. Petersburg and the days of Russian culture in Herceg Novi. Also, the agreement includes sharing information on promotion of the destination, mutual promotional activity, as well as closer acquaintance with the culture of the two countries.