Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival has been taking place since 21-24 in August at the beautiful Kanli Kula Open Fort.

The festival combines unique performances of international operatic talent with a wealth of local cultural heritage, attracting a growing number of audiences and media from around the world.

Operosa was founded by 2006. to promote the young talents of the Balkans, and the first open-air festival was launched in June 2007. with the modern production of the opera "Don Giovanni" by VA Mozart in Evksinograd in Varna, Bulgaria.

Operosa has since expanded to Montenegro and Serbia with numerous opera performances, classical music concerts and recitals by artists from around the world.

Operosa is preparing an opera spectacle in Herceg Novi this year as part of the Operos Montenegro Opera Festival 2019. (OMOF2019) but this time in co-production with the ENOA Network (European Network of Opera Academies).

OMOF2019 will be held at Forte Mare Forts, Kanli Kula and Park Hall. This year's premiere in co-production with the ENOA Network will be the opera "BE MY SUPERSTAR" by composer Shimon Voseček, directed by Alexandra Lacroix.

For the first time this year, OMOF is honored to be included in the list of festival partners and support UNDP. Within the project "Low Carbon Tourism" Operosa proudly contributes to Montenegro's reputation as a new green and carbon-neutral tourist destination in the heart of Europe. This can be evidenced by the fact that Operosa is one of the few major festivals that minimally uses environmental and natural resources such as carbon dioxide.

The program of this year's Opera Festival is as follows:

Opening ceremony of the festival

21.i 22.August 2019. at 21h l BE MY SUPERSTAR l Park Hall, Herceg Novi, world premiere of opera

23. August 2018, 20h l Chamber Music Evening l Forte Mare, Herceg Novi

24. August, 21h l Dream Summer Nights l Kanli Kula, Herceg Novi