Herceg Novi's DJs and Producers Ana Zizic (DJ & Producer Ana Rs) and Dado Babic (DJ & Producer Delys) founded the Interakt Events organization, which, they say, aims to launch the Montenegrin electronic scene.

The first of a series of events they are planning will be organized at Forte Mare 16. August when the live performance will feature DJ and Berlin producer Lars Huismann.

That same evening, Ana Rs, a young producer and DJ from Herceg Novi, will perform. After years of enjoying techno music, she begins his journey to serious DJing and production, mapping himself through industrial, hypnotic and experimental sound as well as combining these elements with aesthetics experiments and early electro themes. Ana already has releases for major European labels, such as Lunar Limited, Substantiv and Tama Records / Dangerous Minds. She has performed in many clubs and festivals in the Balkans and in Western Europe, as well as a recent performance with Lars Huismann in Stuttgart. This year she opened the legendary No Seep stage, at the EXIT Festival.

The Interact program will be opened by Delys, a novice DJ and producer, also a member of the very famous duo 2Beat, which has been performing at festivals and clubs in the Balkans for over a decade. He is one of the founders of Herceg Novi electronic scene and a great enthusiast when it comes to modern styles of electronic music.

The entire program at Forte mare 16. August starts at 22 hours and ticket sales will be on the day of the event at the entrance and ticket price before midnight is 6 euros, after midnight 8 euros.

Sound - melodic and modern techno sound.


22: 30 - 00: 15 - Delys

00: 15 - 01: 45 - Lars Huismann Live

01: 45 - end - Ana Rs