The first Stand Up Paddling competition was held

TOHN and SUP club "Kayak", in collaboration with representatives of the local community, held the first Stand Up Paddling show competition. The competition, which was attended by 40 competitors, was held on the beach by the pool, not far from the former shipyard. All competitors are divided into two age categories, thus providing a nice activity for all interested older than 9 years. The competition, in both categories, consisted of two semi-final races followed by finals. All finalists were thanked, while the best were awarded medals.
The competition was preceded by one-hour training, and according to staff from SUP club "Kayak", everyone involved showed enviable talent and keen interest in this increasingly popular sport.
The plan is for similar competitions and trainings to be held along our Riviera, and we hereby invite all interested parties to follow the events on our social networks and web portal.