Swimming Water Polo Club Jadran Carine is implementing a regional cooperation project, "Western Balkans Water Polo Cup" for water polo players 2006 / 2007 year, together with VK Vojvodina, PK Skopje and VK Banja Luka, which supported the Western Balkans Fund. On this occasion, a press conference is scheduled 6. September at 11 hours, in the Adriatic Trophy Hall, in Skverov. After the press conference, a cocktail party is planned at the resto bar "Jadran", in Skvera, which will be attended by ambassadors of participating countries, representatives of the Ministry of Sport and Minister of Sport of Montenegro, representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro.

Also, from 6. to 8. September will be the activities envisaged by the project - lectures for young water polo teams, trainings and matches.

Match Schedule:

6. September at 17.00 hours PK Skopje - VK Vojvodina, at 18.00 hours PVK Jadran Carine - VK Banja Luka;

7. September at 17.00 hours VK Banja Luka - PK Skopje, at 18.00 hours PVK Jadran Carine - VK Vojvodina;

8. September at 10.00 hours VK Banja Luka - VK Vojvodina, at 11.00 hours PVK Jadran Carine - PK Skopje.