On Sunday, August 11, a solo concert of Russian pianist Valentin Malinin will take place in the concert hall of the Herceg Novi Music School, beginning at 20.30h.

It is a pianist, who has a rich pianist biography and who, at just 17 years old, has become a worldwide name. His arrival and upcoming concert are a very significant event for our city, given its reputation and reputation.

Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival has been taking place since 21-24 in August at the beautiful Kanli Kula Open Fort.

The festival combines unique performances of international operatic talent with a wealth of local cultural heritage, attracting a growing number of audiences and media from around the world.

Operosa was founded by 2006. to promote the young talents of the Balkans, and the first open-air festival was launched in June 2007. with the modern production of the opera "Don Giovanni" by VA Mozart in Evksinograd in Varna, Bulgaria.

Operosa has since expanded to Montenegro and Serbia with numerous opera performances, classical music concerts and recitals by artists from around the world.

Operosa is preparing an opera spectacle in Herceg Novi this year as part of the Operos Montenegro Opera Festival 2019. (OMOF2019) but this time in co-production with the ENOA Network (European Network of Opera Academies).

OMOF2019 will be held at Forte Mare Forts, Kanli Kula and Park Hall. This year's premiere in co-production with the ENOA Network will be the opera "BE MY SUPERSTAR" by composer Shimon Voseček, directed by Alexandra Lacroix.

For the first time this year, OMOF is honored to be included in the list of festival partners and support UNDP. Within the project "Low Carbon Tourism" Operosa proudly contributes to Montenegro's reputation as a new green and carbon-neutral tourist destination in the heart of Europe. This can be evidenced by the fact that Operosa is one of the few major festivals that minimally uses environmental and natural resources such as carbon dioxide.

The program of this year's Opera Festival is as follows:

Opening ceremony of the festival

21.i 22.August 2019. at 21h l BE MY SUPERSTAR l Park Hall, Herceg Novi, world premiere of opera

23. August 2018, 20h l Chamber Music Evening l Forte Mare, Herceg Novi

24. August, 21h l Dream Summer Nights l Kanli Kula, Herceg Novi

The Herceg Novi Film Festival - Montenegro Film Festival is the most important film festival in Montenegro and has been in existence for more than three decades. The international program focuses on competitive selection of regional feature performances (official competition selection), documentary and student films. Kino Europe's competition program includes the creations of established European authors.

At the beginning of 33. FFHN MFF, and prior to the evaluation of this year's competitive selection (feature film and student film), as well as the selection of Cinema Europe and Midnight Projections, it should be remembered that the Festival fosters the status of an institution of particular importance for the culture of Montenegro from year to year. On the other hand, there is an undoubted impetus to the development of Montenegrin cinema, and it is understood that it is supported by the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Herceg Novi. We also recall that the festival received the EFFE label (Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe) as the European quality label for the 2019-2020 year.

In addition to the films in these selections, at the festival this year, we will have workshops in which internationally recognized authors will participate, full attention is paid to young authors, and there is Mini pitch supported by the Film Center of Montenegro. This additionally strengthens the position of the festival!

This year's slogan "All Day in the movies" best illustrates the intention that Herceg Novi, Park theater, Kanli Tower, Forte mare, the amphitheater along the Hall and the building in which the Herceg Novi Theater was once located are truly open all day for everyone that loves film, a faithful festival audience and random visitors. Hence the replay of the achievements from the selection of feature film, from the selection of Cinema Europe, and midnight projections at the "Park" Hall from 11 to 24 hours, every festival day.

The next step should be - the whole year in the movies! Documentary achievements, which in the past years in spite of quality selection inevitably remained in the shadows, will be important for the end of the year, will have their space and time in Herceg Novi, a city that, because of the festival, many see it as the most beautiful cinema under the open sky.

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In the competition selection of feature film, a five-member jury composed of renowned film authors and authors awards the following awards:

Grand Prix - Great Golden Mimosa for Best Film
Golden mimosa for directing
Golden mimosa for the best script
A golden mimosa for the main male role
A golden mimosa for the main female role
Živko Nikolić Award for Special Contribution to Film Expression

In the competitive selection of student film, a three-member jury composed of renowned film authors and authors awards:

Golden mimosa for the best student film

In addition to the above, the following prizes are awarded:
Audience Award
Milan Žmukić Award for Contribution to the Festival

Welcome to 33. FFHN MFF!

Herceg Novi's Guitar Art Summer Fest will have its fourteenth from 15-20 in August. World-renowned Porugal pop and fado singer Dulse Ponteš will star in this festival and her appearance on Kanla Kula 17.08 really promises a spectacle!

This year's Guitar art summer fest program will be opened by one of the most famous flamenco guitarist Daniel Casares! The rhythm of Andalusia, the starry sky and the waves will follow us 15.08. at the Music Square in Herceg Novi!

Other nights of the festival, 16. August at Music Square we will have the opportunity to enjoy the music of Campbell Diamond and Amanda Stojovic!

The combination of classical guitar, mecosoprano and open skies sounds overwhelming, doesn't it?

On the third day of the Guitar Art Summer Fest, 17. August at the Kanla Tower we will enjoy the long-awaited spectacle of Duls Ponte!

She will perform with Daniel Casares, a flamenco guitarist and Jelsi Heredi, a double bass player. This trio will present the most famous arrangements of the popular fado diva that she has also worked with maestro Eni Morikone. Only for this concert, entry will be possible with a ticket that will cost 20 Euros, which is in line with the reputation of the Portuguese diva, and the price is formed thanks to, among other things, the support the festival receives from the Municipality and the Tourist Organization. Admission is free for all other concerts.

The festival will continue at Mica Pavlovic Square with a blues, rock & roll electric guitar performed by the Hungarian Bar Peli Trio. The penultimate festival day, at the same location, will feature the sextet "Spona" from Serbia, characterized by the fusion of Balkan music with flamenco elements. Kostas Kocolis, a guest and friend of the festival from Greece, considered by many to be one of the greatest guitarists of our time, will have a concert at the closing of the Guitar art summer fest, 20. August at Mica Pavlovic Square.

Come and enjoy!

On Sunday 21. July following a welcome speech by the Mayor of Herceg Novi, Stevan Katić, 17. The book fair was opened by Roman Senchin, one of the most important contemporary Russian writers, whose works have been translated into several foreign languages. In his speech, Sencin emphasized that: “Book fairs and similar manifestations are one of the most important instruments for the development of culture in the relations between states. There has been talk for decades that books and literature are dying slowly, and that other media will suppress the book, but that is superficial thinking. It is true that the book in its usual form is gradually suffering defeat ... On the other hand, there is growing interest in the book in electronic form. ”The writer argued that true literature never lies.

In the days that followed, the Book Square was refined by the promotion of the novel "Praise for Opportunism" by Czech writer Toman Marek, who was awarded the Czech Literary Fund Award, followed by the novel by Roman Senčina, "The Immersion Area." For this novel, Senchin received the most important Russian recognition for literature, the Big Book Award.

On Tuesday 23. July, a collection of poetry by Israeli writer Amir Ora, "Say and I'll Be," published by Vide Ognjenovic and David Albahari, was published by the IK Archipelago.

In the continuation of the program, Vulet Žurić's novel "Maritime and Fear", published by IK Laguna, was presented. In addition to the author, Muharem Bazdulj, a writer and journalist, spoke about the novel. The motive of Zuric's novel is the plague epidemic that struck Srem at the end of 18. century. According to Muharem Bazdul, Marriage and Fear is an intriguing novel that, like similar literary allegories, such as Kami's "Plague", Pekic's "Rabies" or Saramag's "Blindness," examines the limits of humanity in distressing times.

Accompanying the program of the Book fair is the roundtable held at the City Library reading room on Tuesday 23. July, on Literary Criticism Between Literature and Marketing.

On Wednesday 24. July, in honor of the late Academician Vladeta Jerotic, an homage was organized . The speakers were prof. dr Dragan Simeunović and Želidrag Nikčević. Also featured are some segments from the Agape show that Jerotic often guested on.

As part of the program, a collection of poetry by Gojko Bozovic Map was presented, and on Thursday, 25. July, about his study Crnjanski - Biography of one feeling spoke prof. Dr. Milo Lompar. In the opinion of prof. Dr. Lompara, with his temperament and sense of the world, Crnjanski touched in many ways the key spiritual, political and social contents of a turbulent time.

By the end of the event, we also saw a children's program: the play Anna's Dream World and In a Colorful Car Who Can Look and Everything Gray Looks Colorful, a program in which the children's writer Gordana Timotijević presented excerpts from four of her books. In both programs, beautifully and noble feelings, purity of heart, beauty hiding in the small things, diversity of the world are glorified in an artistically shaped way. The children actively participated and, together with the actors and the writer, fantasized and looked forward to life.

In keeping with tradition, on 17. 2019 International Book Fair. plaques: The Publishing Venture of the Year, The Best Book, The Children's Book of the Year, and the Best Edition, are awarded to works that, by their quality and importance, of scientific and artistic achievement, represent the extraordinary effort of the publisher, editor and writer. The jury was composed of: prof. Prof. Ratko Bozovic, MSc Djordje Malavrazic, Voislav Bulatovic,.

  • The plaque for the Publishing Venture of the Year was awarded to the publishing houses: "Makarije Printing House", (Belgrade) and Vecernje Novosti, (Belgrade) for the book "Cyrillic Inscriptions on Stećak", by Goran Komar.
  • The plaque for the Most Beautiful Book of the Year was awarded to the publishing houses: Hera Edu, (Belgrade) and the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Republika Srpska (Banja Luka) for the monograph Radovan Kraguly: contemplatio.
  • The plaque for the Children's Book of the Year was awarded to the publishing houses: Kotor Festival of Children's Theater (Kotor) and CUT-UP (Podgorica) for the book Trema, by Dejan Đonović.
  • The Best Edition plaque was awarded to the Clio Publishing House for the Agora edition.

The fair was well attended. The books were exhibited by 32 publishers independently, and through 20 publishers at the booth of the Association of Publishers and Bookstores of Montenegro and the booth of Bokelj Publishing. Commendable comments from the audience as well as from the participants themselves confirm the quality of the program.