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Park hotel "Boka"

<p>A rare horticultural-historical entity, formed at the beginning of 20th century. is a park of the former hotel "Boka".<p>

<p>Over 80 different plants of tropical and subtropical areas make this oasis of greenery in the very center of the city.<p>

<p>Vacation for the eyes and soul, green and blooming magnolia, cicadas, glycinium, canary datals, Brazilian coconut palm, agave, lean Washingtonis. At the site of the former garden of the hotel "Boka", demolished in 1979 in the earthquake, where they were sitting and creating their masterpieces by writers like Ivo Andric, there are now a number of benches that open a wonderful view of the city harbor and entrance to the Gulf.<p>

  • Website: http://www.hercegnovi.travel
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  • Address: Boka Park Hotel, Herceg Novi
  • Phone <p>+382 31 350 820</p>
  • Phone <p>+382 31 350 820</p>