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Rambo's School of Sailing

Sailing School, Herceg Novi. Theory and Practical Training on the Microtoner "Pomidora". Vip classes, Rambo Amadeus for the rudder, reveal the secrets of maritime skills.

Master class. Lectures and consultations in the field of music, music and video production, advertising, business and business show during sailing training. If you want to scroll with Rambobo on the boat, discussing art, philosophy or business with the lessons of sailing with him, you make a deal in direct contact with him.

JK Jugola Grakalic

<p>Founded in 1948. The Sailing Club Jugole Grakalic currently has 1948 competitors in all classes, who have achieved notable results in the country and abroad. We have decided to share experience and tradition for more than half a century with everyone who wants to learn more about sailing.<p>

  • Website: http://www.skolajedrenjahercegnovi.com
  • E-mail: This address is el. mail is protected from spambots. Enable JavaScript to view it.
  • Address: Škver bb, Herceg Novi, Montenegro
  • <p>Phone +382 (0)31 323 205 +382 (0)69 557 771<p>
  • <p>Phone +382 (0)31 323 205 +382 (0)69 557 771<p>