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Diving school - Škver

The Montenegrin coast attracts more and more lovers in the underwater world.

The beauty of the depth, the beauty of the sea, the diversity of the flora and fauna, as well as the plethora of sunken ships, submarines and planes at the bottom of the sea, and the unexplored Boka Kotorska Bay ... all this is part of the beauty of the Montenegrin submarine.

Considering that the Herceg Novi aquatorium is located at the place where the sea is open, the coast and underwater areas are extremely rocky and rough due to the influence of the waves, and this brings great challenge and unforgettable moments to diving enthusiasts, and you can visit countless caves and riffs.

Diving club "Adriatic Blue" provides you with all activities related to diving regardless of whether they are beginners or advanced divers.

Instructors and diving instructors organize trips to ship wrecks, underwater caves and other attractions where you can learn about the splendor of the underwater world as well as everything else that hides the depths of our underwater world.

Welcome to the Diving Club "Adriatic Blue" Herceg Novi.


This dive program is intended for people who want to dive for the first time under the sea surface with complete diving equipment accompanied by a diving instructor.


  • The whole program takes place on the beach in front of the diving club, and we organize trial dives and open sea, and we suggest that your first dive be on the island of MAMULA.
  • Introductory talk and introduction to diving rules and diving equipment
  • Dressing up equipment with the help of instructors and entering the water
  • Try out equipment on water and dive under water
  • <p>The dive lasts from 25 to 30minutes, max. depth of 6meters<p>
  • The diving group consists of one instructor and a maximum of two trainees
  • During diving, there is the possibility of video recording and underwater photography
  • <p>The program lasts about 90minutes</p>

We wish you a pleasant and pleasant first diving experience, see the INTRO dives, and then in the diving school.

Daily diving

Program for Certified Divers:

  • The diving day begins with the arrival of the club half an hour before departure
  • Conversation, location selection, dive plan and equipment selection
  • <p>In 10:00am loading the equipment into the boat and departing for the first dive<p>
  • <p>The dive lasts up to 40 minutes at depths for which divers own licenses<p>
  • <p>Dive in groups of up to a maximum of 8 people accompanied by instructors or diving instructors<p>
  • <p>After the first dive break from 1 to 2hours and tour of the island of Mamula or Žanjic beaches and Dobreč beach<p>
  • <p>After the break, the second dive will last 35 min<p>
  • After the second dive back to the club, unloading equipment and verifying the carnet

Children's diving

Did you know that from eight years of age you can learn about diving with the right diving equipment. After lectures and exercises, enter the marine world with your diving instructor. This program is in accordance with CMAS and PADI child diving standards and is intended for children who are keen on fun and new marine adventures.

Children aged 8-11 years dive at max 2 meter depth.

Children aged 12-14 years dive at max 4 meter depth.

<p>The dive lasts up to 30 minutes and during this time you can be shot or shot by an underwater camera.<p>

In the winter period we organize children's dive at the indoor swimming pool of the Igalo Institute.


In Diving Club "Adriatic Blue" Herceg Novi you can complete all diving courses - from beginners to advanced - our diving instructors work according to the curriculum of the most famous world diving associations CMAS, PADI, SSI and CEDIP, and after successfully completed training with our diving instructors you can complete additional specialties.


  • POne - diver with one star
  • PTwo - diver with two stars
  • PThree - diver with three stars


  • open water diver
  • advanced open water diver
  • rescure diver
  • dive master


  • diving to wrecks of ships
  • night diving
  • underwater orientation
  • diving in the caves
  • underwater photography

In the winter period, we organize diving courses at indoor swimming pool Dr Simo Milosevic in Igalo.

About the club

<p>The diving club "ADRIATIC BLUE" started with its work and activities in Herceg Novi Municipality in 2004. A small group of divers and enthusiasts has created a seasoned diving association with its persistent work from the season, which today, after ten years of existence, is one of the technically most advanced diving clubs in the area.<p>


  • Đorđević Danijel, diving instructor
  • Svetislav Zivanovic, diving instructor
  • Saša Đurić, diving instructor CEDIP
  • Uroš Rogić, diving head CMAS
  • Bulaić Djordje, diver CMAS


Submarine tunnel

Submarine tunnel has become one of the attractive diving destinations in Boka. The tunnel was built in the strictest way at the end of 70s of the last century for the needs of the JRM, and the main purpose of the tunnel was to accommodate and mask the submarines and their crews. The length of the tunnel is 150 meters, the width is 7 meters and the largest depth of 7 meters.

Jakubica caves

The diving location of Jakubić cave is located on the peninsula Luštica on the open sea between the beach Dobreč and the beach Žanjic. At this location are two caves of length around 10 meters and between them there is a rif that descends to the 18 meters of depth, so this location is attractive for divers beginners and divers who are first encountered with underwater caves.

Blue Cave

Blue Cave is a popular excursion near Herceg Novi is one of the most attractive caves on the peninsula Luštica, located between the Zlatni port cove and the Cape Mokra Gora cove. It is distant from Herceg Novi about 10 kilometers. It has two entrances - an opening at an angle of 45 degrees, the height from the sea level to the top of the ceiling is 9 m, and the depth 3 - 5 m. So it can enter the cave and with a smaller vessel. It has got its name by an unusually blue blue color that arises during the afternoon, the reflection of the sun's air that bounces from its surface. The dive in Blue Cave is an unforgettable experience and an ideal location for your photoshoppers.

Siren Hole

The most beautiful underwater cave of this part of the Montenegrin Littoral is located on the southern side of the peninsula Luštica and at a distance about 7 NM from the town of Škver. This cave begins near the inaccessible and steep shore at a depth of 2 meters and vertically drops to a depth of 15 meters and continues with a slippery fall to a maximum depth of 31 meter where the exit to the open sea and large vertical riffs.

Poseidon's castle

The most interesting complex of underwater cavities and labyrinths at various depths of 2 - 17 meters of depth, and after the caves the terrain falls down the cliff to 46 meters where from many holes the horns of the lobster, small flocks of sarcas and the kernel are returned, and when you return to the 42 meter you will see the old admiralty anchor.

Cape Arza

Fortress - the Arza Tower, east of Mamula, at the very end of the southwestern part of the Luštica peninsula, rests on the foundations of an ancient fortress, from which some fragments of larger amphorae and vessels are preserved. In the triangle: the fort on the cape Sharp on the Prevlaka peninsula (which lies on the west side of the entrance to Boka Kotorska, which belongs to Croatia) - Fortress Mamula (Lastavica) - fortress Arza, the entrance to Boka was strategically closed completely. And in the underwater beneath the Arza, there is a rif that goes up to 45 meters of depth and on it you can meet numerous lobsters, murine, octopus and for which kern.

Island Lastavica with fortress Mamula

Tvdjava Mamula, is distant from Herceg Novi, 3,4 nautical mile, circular shape and diameter around 200 m. The entrance with a dock and a miniature beach, is located on the north side, while from the other side of the coast its steep and inaccessible. According to its architectural solution, it is the most beautiful fortress on the Adriatic. During the Venetian rule, the island of Lastavica was named Rondina. Mid 19. century, Austrian general and governor of Dalmatia, baron Lazar Mamula, also known as the wedding couch of the Montenegrin Prince Danilo Petrovic, has built a fortress on it, which has since been named after him. Mamula served as a kazamat during both World War II. Only during the Second World War, through it, the capture took place around the 1.500 patriot, which is why it is called the "island of death".

It is interesting that the fortress has never served its purpose and that no cannon shot has been fired from it. It is built of finely carved stone squares, placed in the correct horizontal rows, and the shape of the fortress follows the configuration of the island. In the center of the fort, there is a ring fort with a series of indoors and openings for cannons on the outer wall. The northwest part of the ring fortress crosses a high circular tower with two floors. The open circular yard in the center of the tower has a clear water for the water.

This fortress represents the largest and best preserved Austro-Hungarian fortification on the Adriatic due to its monumentality, express the precision of construction and perfect functionality.

Fortress and island will be the best way to get to know the break between the two dives.

When you dive around the island you will see a diverse marine world, and we will highlight some interesting things such as a great ship anchor, a few cannonballs and numerous fragments of amphorae and ceramic vessels.

Wrecks of Montenegrin undersea

Wraith Higgins, Rose

Not far from the old fishing village of Rose, halfway to the former military warehouse of the Cave at the depth of 30-35 m, there is a wreck of the ship Higgins. The ship was built in the shipyard «M. Cetinjic "on Korcula 1952 years and was serving the Yugoslav Navy as a torpedo ship until 1964. reconstructed in the Tivat arsenal as a cannon. expended 1972 years.

Interesting: On this type of ship, JF Kennedy served the army.

Wreckage Parobrod Cetinje

10. December 1944. He sailed to his last sailing steamboat "CETINJE". Sailing from Tivat towards Đenovići, the steamer encounters an underwater mine and in just a few minutes tones to the bottom pulling a large number of crew, passengers and prisoners of war.

Fuel tank, Kumbor

This wreck is not known much, it is submerged at depths from 18 to 22 meters and is ideal for divers who for the first time meet with ship wrecks. The boat lies on a sandy bottom in the Kumbor Strait, not far from the old port of the Austro-Hungarian Navy, so the wreck of the ship probably originates from that time. On the wreck there are 14 tanks arranged in two rows, partly visible drive motor and in the vicinity of the wreck we found the steering gear.

Flights Spit Fire

Spit Fire - the most famous WWII fighter of the British RAF SUPER MARINE SPITFIRE. It lies at a depth of 32 meters at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor between the Cape of Kabala and the Cape of Kobila. The plane was shot down by a German anti-aircraft battery that was located above Kumbor in September 1944 g. The pilot managed to jump from the plane to the sea but was found by German ships and captured.

Wreck Turkish Sailing Boat

An old wooden sailboat sinking at the beginning of the 16th century at the very entrance to Boka lies on a sandy bottom at a depth of 30 to 33 meters, near the sailing ship there are three cannons and two large anchors. The length of the ship was about 32 meters and the width around 10 meters and still there are visible ship ribs.

Wreck Tihany

The largest wreck of the ship on the Montenegrin coast available for sports recreational diving known as the "steamer" lies at the depth of 40 m. Wreckage of the ship is located in the aquatorium between Dobreč beach and Lastavica island (Mamula). Ship Tihani was built in the shipyard "Stabilimento Tecnico Triestino" in Trieste 1907 g. and kicked 1908 g. He sailed under the Austrian flag as a cargo ship for the transport of machine oil and briquettes for steam engines. His last voyage was 1912 g. when in the midst of a bad navigation he hit the Arzai cap and sank.


A ship built by 1913. By 1914. In Trieste, its long and interesting lifespan began as an Austro-Hungarian torpedo marker 76T, then torpedo T1 to RM KSHS. At the beginning of 2 World War 1941 in April. Italians are captured after the capitulation of Italy 1943. The ship returns via Malta to the Yugoslav Navy. After the war, the ship entered the JRM and got the mark SBR-91 and then PBR-91 GOLESNICA and was in active service until 1955. year as a patrol boat. Ship GOLESNICA 1979. he sails to his final task and is submerged as a target for artillery firing at the entrance to the Bay of Kotor near the Zanjic cove. The boat lies on the right side of the sandy bottom at the depth of 35 m.

Wreck PBR Patrol

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