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The Citadel (Macel - Mezzaluna) was built on the seashore itself, so that its southern walls were at sea.

In the year 1702. Peter Angelo Manjo (Pietro Angelo Mango) merged the upper part of the Lower Town, with a strong wall with Citadel, and so the whole city was covered with thick walls, as the inscription, which is placed near the Capuchin monastery (today St. Leopold), testifies.

Citadel with Forte mara fortress is given the main defensive character as a fortress at the sea, and the tower with walls built during the various invaders. It is in its foundations that the beginnings of Herceg Novi should be sought. It also has a stone bridge above today's promenade.

With the existing project, this fort could be restored to its original state just before the fragments of the ruined walls are preserved around its foundations. Citadel was killed during the last earthquake 1979. That year was fateful, as she collapsed into the sea.

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