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<p>Together at the end of Mirko Komnenovich Street 9, which is named after the famous philanthropist and mayor, there is the Native Museum.<p>

<p>The forest and recreation park, as well as the beautiful viewpoints, are located near the sacral unit to which belongs the Savina Monastery (churches from 13th century).<p>

The park of Saint Leopold, located in the city center, reached by the main new road, surrounded by the most important cultural, business and historical sites, is part of the active urban life.

"Youth Park" is located in the center of Igalo between the promenade and the main city road.

Annually in Herceg Novi there is over 2400 sunny hours, and if you prefer the shade, you can also enjoy the Ilija Park in Igalo.

Josip Broz Tito, President of the SFRY, did not resist the healing beauty of Herceg Novi.

<p>A rare horticultural-historical entity, formed at the beginning of 20th century. is a park of the former hotel "Boka".<p>