"This monograph gives us a detailed, systematic, objective insight into the five decades of the Feast of the Mimosa, which makes it a capital deed of exceptional value. She looks at different concepts of the festival, presents a treasury of experiences and memories which will be an unbreakable and invaluable direction for future decades of the Feast of the Mimosa ", said the president of the Municipality of Herceg Novi Stevan Katić.

Speaking on behalf of the Municipality, as the founder of the festival, Katic said that this monograph is a "historical document, an overview of the achieved and a vow for future work on improving the flower festival, the symbol of our city". He thanked everyone who, in order to show the glow of all 50 years, participated in the fundamental and persistent creation and collection of material, adding that he was looking forward to the new memories that we will create at the Feast of Mimosa.

Monograph "Mimosa Festival - 50 Years of Floral Festival" on 328 pages with 527 photos the story of the founders, those who realized, enriched, participated in the festival programs and proudly described the story of the Feast and Herceg Novi. The initiative for publication of the monograph was originated from the Public Cultural Institution "Herceg Fest", which is a publisher.

Speaking about the one-year work on the creation of this work, the director of "Herceg Festa" Gordana Porobić Krcunović She particularly highlighted the merits of the editor of the magazine, a journalist Vitke Vujnović who "watched over the monograph for fear of not leaving someone, trying to get the penis captivated by the inexorable spirit of mimosa."

"Thank you to all the members of the editorial staff who did their best to see the monograph, and especially to Novels who contributed to the successful realization of 50. The holidays mimicked and showed empathy even when we were wrong, because empathy is a matter of culture ", said Porobic Krcunovic.

She explained that the promotion of the monograph was included in the final part of the Mimosa Festival program, so that this year's edition of the festival could be found among its covers, thus rounding off the story of a long half century. As she added, all those who had visited the 50 days of Herceg Novi have recognized the mission of the Feast of Mimosa, which consists "in the rapprochement with the far and the other, for the purpose of mutual cultural enrichment, but also in an even closer rapprochement with the neighbors."

The holiday of mimosa is the endlessness of people, good will, good ideas and enegy, and in the book "The Feast of Mimosa - 50 Years of the Flower Festival", the stories of all those who at some point, and in the heart, did something for this festival, pointed out the editor Vitka Vujnović.

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"Dragutin Backo Gregoric, who received the recognition from the Herceg Novi Tourist Association as the founder of the Mimosa Festival, claims that Mimoza was born out of pure friendship and love. I do, working out this monograph, that only pure friendship and love for the Festival and the city led this festival through the times and storms, successes and failures, changes, and led to the city again, along with the anniversary, live a full heart for the Feast of Mimosa ", Vujnović said.

Behind the monograph stands listening through 4000 photos, press clipping, re-reading the book "Feast of Mimosa - The Lasting Magic" which was done with Petar Janičić and Dragica Ivanović, more than 100 conversations with people, numerous e-mails, statements, stories, anecdotes. Everything is included in the chapters dedicated to the Mimosa Feast Programs.

"The thought that the festival should last a full moon or a bit stronger, it would have to contain, as this year, more festivities than Igalo, Skvera, Kumbor, Đenović, Baošić, Bijela, so that four striking weekends should have masquerades, good concerts and announcements. It also defined the view that we should not leave the Feast of Mimosa without the cultural content that the Herzegovinian audience has accustomed to ", says Vujnović, speaking about the part relating to the future of the Mimosa Festival.

Special thanks to the promotion was sent to journalists who for years transmit the atmosphere of a unique Herzegovinian winter. Jelica Pantović and Duško Davidović shared their memories and impressions with the audience, one of them who wrote and talked about the new festival with the greatest kindness and dedication.

"It is very important that this book came out because people's memories are summed up among its covers. We all know that memories are fading, so until they are completely faded here in a book for some people who will write in the future, talk about Mimosa, support ", she said Jelica Pantović after promotion.

Consultant and contributor to the preparation of a monograph, a member of the composition Exodus Ante Krstovic he said that he had been thinking for years about what a book about Mimosa should look like and he thought he finally got such an act.

"Slender made a book that was actually written by Novljani. People of all profiles, citizens of this city who, on any basis, have ever, on a minute or a year participated in the Feast of Mimosa, and some other people from other cities, republics, they all wrote the book ", said Krstovic.

The program of promotion was completed by Exodus, a composition that, along with festivities longer than 50. years, Herzegovinian majorettes and City music whose members, in the chamber composition, performed a march that is an indispensable part of the repertoire on the programs of the Mimosa Festival.

The publisher of the monograph is the Public Cultural Institution "Herceg Fest", the author of the text and editor of the edition Vitka Vujnović, editor-in-chief Vojislav Vojo Kilibarda, consultant and associate in the preparation of the monograph Ante Krstović. Graphic design and preparation are signed by Nebojša Glumac, the press "Biro Konto", photographs by Miloš Samardžić, Vanja Berberović Šuberić, Zvezdana Kujović, Ante Krstović, Milan Dobrilović, Zdravko Ponorac.

In order to create a monograph, private archives of families and individuals were used: Gregorić, Vlaović, Martineti, Kosić, Ristic, Vidić, Peulić, Vukićević, Ante Krstović, Krsto-Kiko Tomičić, Branislav Lučić, Sveto Đuranović, Stevo Lepetić, Petar Otoranov, Mišo Kisić, Vojislav Beloica, Ana Lazukić, Radoslav Grujić, Milivoj Jugin, "Šanji" Zrenjanin, Voislav Bulatović, Teofil Porobić, Nenad and Tanja Vitomirović and the web site of the Mimosa Festival.