Finland and Montenegro are approaching, Ambassador Ikonen said opening an exhibition that is the first time in Montenegro.

As Montenegro is in the process of joining the European Union, it is evident that we are closer to each other every day, Ikonen said, adding that connections between the north and the south are getting better and we will, apart from the summer line from Helsinki to Podgorica, from 01. April has a direct flight Helsinki-Tivat.

He thanked Herceg Novi for the opportunity to participate in the Feast of Mimosa and explained that this exhibition wanted to show that Europe still has a lot to show in the field of design and innovation. Of the ten most innovative countries in the world, eight are from Europe, and Finland is one of them.

"Whoever owns a mobile phone also owns a Finnish patent in that phone, which means that everyone in the world is using something that is part of Finland", said Ikonen.

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Herceg Novi opens the door with this exhibition with even better cooperation with Finland, he said Herceg Novi's president, Stevan Katic. We can hope to learn a lot from our friends from Finland, and Herceg Novi will always be happy to host such events and events, Katić added, thanking the Embassy of Finland.

"Creative design solutions, from communication and information technologies, shipbuilding and furniture, to medical electronics and health care, are examples not only of aesthetic harmony and minimalism, but, at a certain level, they represent the idea and idea of ​​progress - with a shaky focus, vision. This principle is also guided by our local self-government, so that future generations will inherit the true values, those that remain as the recognizable seal of the community in which they work and create ", Katić said.

The opening ceremony was also attended by Honorary Consul of Montenegro in Finland Mihajlo Pavićević.

Through the ten panels, the exhibition introduces observers with authentic and innovative solutions that are a very important element of the success of Finnish companies and the development of Finnish society in general. It shows the design of various products, from ships to machines and tools, and all solutions are guided by the same principle - simple use and good looks.

An item prepared in cooperation with the Embassy of Finland for Montenegro and Public Cultural Institutions "Herceg Fest" can be viewed by 04. April.