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Herceg Novi, a city that has breathed inspiration to many of the world of art and literature, once it used to have a fruitful Art School, which, after it had been opened in Cetinje was transferred to Herceg Novi, where lasted for 20 years. Young artists and their teachers and directors, such as the famous painter Petar Lubarda, Luka Tomanovic, Vojo Stanic, Luka Berberovic, brought to the city a special kind of charm that only artists can bring. The city in the arms of the magic natural environment was the muse of many artists, so there is no surprise that the gallery “Josip Bepo Benkovic” in the Old Town, hidden in the street Marko Vojnovic No. 4, like the inspiration that the artist reveals, has always had a rich, high-quality exhibition program and by the time became the most visited gallery in Montenegro. Gallery was named by the painter of Herceg Novi, Josip – Bepo Benkovic and since 1967 operates within the Regional Museum, as a separate department. In 1967 was organized the first Winter Salon of Herceg Novi, which had a local character, but soon after it was extended outside the city limits and Montenegro and in 2017 it celebrated its 50th anniversary edition.

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