How to get here

How to get here

How to get to Herceg Novi?



Distance from Herceg Novi to European cities:

Amsterdam - 1965km,

Athens - 930km,

Vienna - 1013km,

Belgrade - 537km,

Berlin - 1712km,

Bern - 1486km,

Brussels - 1923km,

Budapest - 999km,

Bucharest - 994km,

Istanbul - 1221km,

Copenhagen - 2112km ,

London - 2263km,

Ljubljana - 713km,

Munich - 1122km,

Moscow - 2955km,

Oslo - 2706km,

Prague - 1334km,

Rome - 689km,

Sarajevo - 241km,

Sofia - 762km,

Thessaloniki- 628km,

Stockholm - 2757km,

Skopje - 415km,

Warsaw - 1684km,

Zagreb - 661km.


Auto Moto Association of Montenegro (AMSCG)

Telephone 1: +382 20 9807

Telephone 2: +382 20 234 999

Telephone 3: +382 20 234 467

Information on road conditions can be found on the official AMSCG website -


Serbia: Ranče, Čemerno, Dobrakovo, Kula, Draženovac and Vuče

Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sitnica, Ilino brdo, Vraćenovići, Krstac, Nudo, Šćepan Polje, Metaljka and Sula

Croatia: Debeli Brijeg and Kobila

Albania: Bozaj, Sukobin and Grnaca



One important traffic connection to Herceg Novi, due to the bridging of the Bay of Kotor and the shortening of the road, is done by ferry on the line LEPETANE-KAMENARI; KAMENARI - LEPETANE

Price list for ferry services:

Motorcycle - € 2.00

Passenger vehicle - € 4.50

The ferry runs 24 hours a day.All additional information about ferry lines can be obtained at the telephone number +382 31 673 522 Pomorski Saobraćaj AD Kamenari. 


Only a person who has a valid driver's license or a foreign driver's license and an international driver's license can drive a motor vehicle in traffic on the road.It is recommended that you keep your identification documents with you at all times. If the police traffic control stops you on the road, they will ask you to:Valid driver's license (for foreign nationals international driver's license).

The "Green Card" insurance of the European Union is recognized in Montenegro. Local insurance is required if you stay for a longer period of time.Proof of ownership of the vehicle (ie registration document), and in the case of vehicle rental, proof of rental (ie vehicle rental agreement).

Drive on the right side.Unless otherwise stated, the right-of-way rule applies. On the road in the settlement, the driver must not move at a speed higher than 50 km / h, or at a speed higher than the speed allowed by the set traffic sign (exceptionally on the road in the settlement, the traffic sign may allow a speed higher than 50 km / h, maximum 80 km / h).On the road outside the settlement, the driver must not move the vehicle at a speed higher than:130 km / h on motorways; 100 km / h on roads reserved for motor vehicle traffic; 80 km / h on other roads.The lights on the road vehicle must be on.The driver must not drive a vehicle on the road, nor start driving if he is under the influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances. The blood alcohol content must not exceed 0.5 g / kg.During the winter months in snowy areas, it is mandatory to use appropriate snow chains.It is forbidden to use a mobile phone while driving.The use of a belt is mandatory.Children under the age of 12 are not allowed to sit in the front seat.If traffic control still fines you, you must always receive a receipt for the fine to be paid.


Bus traffic from Herceg Novi is connected to all destinations throughout Europe.

Telephone: +382 31 321 225

Detailed information on the time of departure and arrival of the bus, purchase and reservation of tickets can be found on the service


If you come on a motorcycle, we recommend coming in September when the International Motorcycle Meeting is held in our city, and on this occasion we want to inform you that our city "Biker Friendly" is the same rule for roads as for cars.



From most European capitals, the flight to Montenegro takes about 2 hours. For those who want to visit Herceg Novi by air - there are two airports nearby, Tivat and Cilipi, and 133 km away from Herceg Novi is the airport in Podgorica.

Tivat Airport - about 20 km away.

  Telephone 1: +382 32 671 337

  Telephone 2: +382 32 670 930

Ćilipi Airport - It is located in the Republic of Croatia, about 30 km from Herceg Novi.

  Telephone 1: +385 20 773 377

  Telephone 2: +385 20 773 333

Podgorica Airport - 133 km.

  Telephone : +382 20 444 244



Railway traffic takes place via the line BAR-PODGORICA-BELGRADE-SUBOTICA.Bar is at a distance of 82km, and Podgorica 143km from Herceg Novi.

Railway station Bar telephone : +382 30 312 210

From the railway station from Bar there are regular bus lines to Herceg Novi.

Bus station Herceg Novi telephone: +382 31 321 225


The passenger ferry runs regularly on the Bar-Bari line. (Montenegro - Italy)

The port of Herceg-Novi has the status of a port for international traffic.

For maritime transport, all information can be found at:

City Port Škver - Herceg Novi

Adress: Šetalište pet Danica,Herceg Novi

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.449648 | Longitude: 18.532941

Telephone 1: +382 31 323 015

Telephone 2: +382 69 644 097

Port of Zelenika - Herceg Novi

GPS Coordinates: Latitude: 42.450077 | Longitude: 18.572001

Adress: Sunny Beach bb, Zelenika, Montenegro

Telephone 1: +382 31 678 092

Telephone 2: +382 31 678 008