Health center and ambulance 124

Health center and ambulance 124

The Herceg Novi Health Center is a public primary health care institution in the municipality of Herceg Novi.PHI Health Center Herceg Novi operates in four facilities in the municipality of Herceg Novi, as follows:

- The central building of the Health Center, Street: Nikole Ljubibratica 1, Phone: +381 31 (0) 343 111

- Ambulance Igalo, Street: Norway 8, Phone: +381 31 (0) 331 333

- Ambulance Topla, Street: Mica Vavica 5Phone: +381 31 (0) 321 430

- Health station Bijela, Street: Bijela bb, Phone: +381 31 (0) 671 708

For all emergencies, the Emergency Medical Service is constantly working, which is also located in the central building of the Health Center Herceg-Novi, and you can call 124.The space of all facilities is equipped with appropriate medical and other equipment (in accordance with applicable standards), which provides the possibility of providing quality and appropriate health care.Patients who are not insured by the Health Insurance Fund of Montenegro, health care is provided in accordance with applicable international agreements.

* Note: It is of great help to emergency teams if at least a basic medical history or medical information is entered in the mobile device. If they have to provide first aid to a person who is unconscious, it is good to know, for example, what medications that person is allergic to.