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City port Škver

City port Škver

The port is located on the northern shore of Herceg Novi Bay, opposite the entrance to the Bay of Kotor.

Orientation: A city with old ramparts and a fortress and a light on the head of a breakwater - a stone quadrangular obelisk with three vertical and one sloping side.

Weather conditions: The port is especially exposed to S and SW winds and waves, in the strong south a tidal wave is formed in the port, and the waves pass over the breakwater. Storms from the NW direction are developing waves in the port. The port is well protected from other winds.

Instructions for entering: When entering and leaving, you should pay attention to the two rocks that are located about 200 meters NW from the head of the breakwater and to the underwater stones in the extension of the head of the breakwater that extends in the W direction. At the approach to the port from the SE and S direction, attention should be paid to the Karatoč cliff and to the underwater sewer pipe that enters the sea 300 m E from the port light and extends in the direction of 194 ̊. In the northern, shallower part of the port, attention should be paid to the multitude of concrete anchor blocks at the bottom whose height above the bottom in some cases reaches one meter.

Mooring: At this stretch, the depths along the coast are over two meters, and there are 14 metal and 20 stone bollards for berth.

Berth: The inner side of the breakwater with a built-in shore in the length of 210 meters can be used to moor the vessel. At this stretch, the depths along the coast are over two meters, and there are 14 metal and 20 stone bollards for berth.

Anchorage: Larger vessels can anchor SW-WSW from the breakwater head at depths of 13 to 15 meters on a reliable muddy bottom. In winter, these anchorages cannot be used due to large waves from SE and SW winds.

Sea currents: In southerly winds or heavy rains, a fairly strong W current occurs in front of the port, causing a strong outflow current in the same direction along the inside of the breakwater, which should be taken into account when docking.

Tides: The average daily amplitudes of tides in the Bay of Kotor are not large and range around 22 cm. However, for a longer period, the maximum sea level caused by tides in the range of 126 cm can be expected at the piers in the Bay of Kotor, with an expected maximum level above the mean sea level of 74 cm and a minimum level below the mean sea level of 52 cm.

Water and electricity: On the inside of the breakwater there are six service cabinets with electricity and water connections.

Fuel: Available at pump station at breakwater root.

Communications: It is possible to access the port by motor vehicle, and the Adriatic Highway can be used for further communication.

Technical data: Port depth: 3-6.5 m, Maximum length of the ship refueling in the port: 20 m, Maximum draft: 2.5 m

Accommodation capacity: 40 berths

Website: http://www.porthercegnovi.com

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Location: 42° 27’N  18° 32’E

Telephone: +382 (0) 31 323 015