Yellow zone

Yellow zone


It covers parts of the streets with heavy traffic, not limited in time, a payment is calculated by the hour, by sending an SMS (14512), payment via EasyPark applications, by purchasing a kiosk ticket or by purchasing a ticket at an ATM.In this zone you can buy a daily ticket, which is valid all day long, and which can also be buy by SMS (14513), pay via EasyPark app, at a kiosk or ATM. Parking is paid every day except Sunday, as follows:          

SMS CHARGE OF PARKING MONDAY– SATURDAY (FREE ON SUNDAYS)   FROM 01.10 – 01.06. MONDAY-FRIDAY 07:00 – 21:00h AND ON SATURDAYS 07:00 - 15:00h 0,40€ / 1h  DAY CARD - SMS 14513 SMS CHARGE OF PARKING MONDAY– SATURDAY (FREE ON SUNDAYS) FROM 01.10 – 01.06. MONDAY-FRIDAY 07:00 – 21:00h AND ON SATURDAYS 07:00 - 15:00h 4,00€ / DAY  SMS at number 14513 (ie. HNAC752)


Parking tickets can be purchased at newsstands and other retail outlets along the street with parking lots, which have a prominent sales notice. According to the instruction manualwhich is highlighted on the back of the parking ticket the user is obliged to: Mark (round, cut, or punch) the year, month, and day in which the parking lot is used, and the hour andthe minute the parking was started. Visibly (facing away) highlights this map from the inside of the front windshieldglass.


Parking users can pay for parking and by purchasing a parking ticket at oneof 4 ATMs located in the following locations: - Across from Solemar in Igalo (Youth Parks),- Next to City Cafe in Herceg Novi (across from Buffet Belgrade),- At Tonsati in Herceg Novi (next to the bus stop) and- On X Hercegovacka Street in Herceg Novi (between Kanli tower and main bus station).The payment is made according to the instruction, which is indicated on the ATM and the user is obliged to prominently purchase the purchased parking ticket visually on the inside of the windshield.


A preferred subscription parking ticket can be obtained by street tenants directed to the street of the billing system or by legal entities whose facilities are in the street of the billing system. Microzones refer to privileged parking tickets for tenants of parking lots or their legal entities. On the official website of the Parking Service HN you will find all the more detailed information.  


In order to provide better service to citizens, an android Easy Park application has been introduced that shows at which locations users of our services can park.After installing the application at any location in the World, by selecting Montenegro, he can see Herceg Novi with a map of parking places, as well as the price and time of operation. After simple registration - the user enters the mobile number and opens a simple guide with suggestions on the main functionalities and benefits for the user. By positioning the needle at the desired location on the map or automatic location pointer at the parking location, the application opensimportant information about the city - parking area and allows payment for parking in the same. Payment is facilitated through a payment card so there is no need to use the money.