Diving klub „Adriatic Blue“

Diving klub „Adriatic Blue“

The Montenegrin coast is attracting more and more lovers of the underwater world. The beauty of the depths, the clarity of the sea, the diversity of flora and fauna as well as the multitude of sunken ships, submarines and planes at the bottom of the sea, and the unexplored Bay of Kotor… all this is part of the beauty of the Montenegrin seabed. Since the Herceg Novi aquatorium is located where the sea is open, the coast and the seabed are extremely rocky and harsh due to the influence of the waves, which causes diving lovers great challenges and unforgettable moments, so you can visit countless caves and reefs.

Diving club "Adriatic Blue" allows you all activities related to diving, whether you are a beginner or advanced diver.Diving instructors and guides organize trips to shipwrecks, underwater caves and other attractions where you can get to know all the splendor of the underwater world as well as everything else that hides the depths of our underwater world. In the Diving Club "Adriatic Blue" Herceg Novi you can complete all diving courses - from beginner to advanced - our diving instructors work according to the curriculum of the world's most famous diving associations CMAS, PADI, SSI and CEDIP, and after successfully completing training with our diving instructors you can also complete additional specialties.

Diving club "ADRIATIC BLUE" began its work and activities in the Municipality of Herceg Novi in ​​2004. A small group of divers and enthusiasts, through their persistent work from season to season, has created a respective diving association, which today, after ten years of existence, is one of the most technically equipped diving clubs in this area.Welcome to the Diving Club "Adriatic Blue" Herceg Novi.

Website: http://divingmontenegro.com/

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Address: City port Škver, Herceg Novi

Telephone 1: +382 (0) 69 833 043

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