Autumn in Herceg Novi

Autumn in Herceg Novi

By many called the Pearl of the Medditeranian, Herceg Novi jelously holds that unoffical title for countless reasons. First of which is its location. Ideally placed in the heart of, what many call, one of the most beautiful bays in the world (Boka Bay) its very easy to get there. The iconic Adriatic Highway connects this city to the region and places like Dubrovnik, Kotor and Trebinje which are all only 45 minutes away. For those coming from a bit further, there are two airports in the vicinity to choose from. 

Regular lines have been established with regional centers such as Belgrade, but also with European capitals such as Berlin, Helsinki, Moscow, St. Petersburg, London, Manchester and others. Although primarily a summer destination, Herceg Novi is blessed with a wonderful Mediterranean climate that maintains average temperatures at high altitudes throughout the year. Thus, the temperature during the fall does not fall below 20 degrees Celsius, during the winter it does not fall below 12 degrees, while in the spring it is constantly at the ideal 17 degrees.





The Herceg Novi hinterland is one of the most important projects in our municipality. An increasing number of tourists come with the desire to engage in active tourism, so that great emphasis and effort was invested in preparing the nearby mountain Orjen for all visitors. Hiking trails have been cleaned and arranged, mountain lodges have been renovated and much more. The pleasant climate in the autumn months gives you the opportunity to spend your afternoons in the sounds and smells of the forest, climb to attractive lookouts that offer a view of the entire city lying at the foot of the mountain, but also to refresh your lungs with clean mountain air.

Mountain biking

All hiking trails are adapted for cycling, so that in front of you are miles of unexplored trails that lead to quiet locations in the heart of the nearby forest but also to beautiful lookouts where you can recharge your batteries and enjoy the view of the bay that stretches below you. For those who find the climb too strenuous to enjoy, the 7-kilometer-long city promenade is also a place where you can ride your bike and get to know our city better.

Adventure park

For lovers of adrenaline, a 45-minute drive away, there is an Adventure Park in the heart of the forest made, it is an ideal environment for a great time and fun. This is the largest adventure park in this part of Europe, equipped to the highest standards in terms of quality and quantity of equipment on the range, but also in terms of safety. Our expert team is at your disposal for any type of assistance, which would make your experience even richer.


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