Church of St. Jerome

Church of St. Jerome

In 1688, the construction of the Catholic church began, which after its completion was dedicated to St. Jerome, the protector of the city by the Archbishop of Bar and the Serbian Primate, otherwise a resident of Perast, Andrija Zmajević. The church we see today was built in 1856 and is located in the old town, on Mića Pavlović Square. It was built on the site of an old Catholic church that was demolished in the 19th century. The church used to have bells that the Austro-Hungarians cast and used to make cannons. The local population then gave donations to raise money to buy a new one. They succeeded in their intention and these bells rang for the first time on September 27, three days before the day of the church, September 30. There is a reasonable assumption that on the place where the church now stands, once stood the court of the city's founder, the First Kotromanić Company. After the treasury of the Savina monastery, the church of St. Jerome has the second most valuable one. It preserves the exceptional work of Trip Kokolj, an icon of St. Anne made on wood (after restoration, the work unfortunately lost much of its original artistic value). On the main church altar stands the icon of the Mother of God with all the saints and a view of the upper town and the hill where the churches of St. Anne and Petka were erected.


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