Museum - Home of Captain Miroslav Štumberger

Museum - Home of Captain Miroslav Štumberger

In the village of Baošići, municipality of Herceg Novi, a museum of the house of Captain Miroslav Štumberger was opened, who came to Boka for the first time in 1914 due to his naval service and later stayed there. The beauties of Baošić and Herceg Novi did not leave the captain indifferent and so, near the place where he went to paint nature, he bought an old stone house around which he made a garden and a small vineyard. He passionately collected old objects from Boka, and as a dedicated collector he collected a large collection of icons, paintings, carpets, weapons, amphorae, old coins, maps, models of sailboats that he also made and which are kept in the museum today.Originally from Slovenia, the old captain made his home in Baoši and later left it to the city as a museum, open to all. The museum's exhibition today features a collection of icons, weapons, nautical devices, amphorae, old family paintings, ethnological objects, geographical and nautical maps, as well as transcripts and correspondence, a library with some important books such as the Family Bible History from 1073, and the Missal. from the 18th century. The captain was also an amateur artist, he painted about 500 works, 20 of which are exhibited in the museum, he was a carver with 50 preserved works, as well as a writer, with 34 professional works from those areas. He worked with teak over 300 years old, the doors, windows, furniture, tables and chairs in his house are all his work. His work has also significantly improved the refinement of underwater research. Of the 500 inventions, 5 are patented. He designed missiles, as well as assisted in technological advances in various weapons / mines and torpedoes.He made over 100 models of old ships, of all types and sizes, and preserved 16 in his collection. The rest is in museums in Belgrade, Kotor, New York, Rome, etc. A large number of items in the exhibition are weapons from different periods, sabers, swords, pistols, knives, military helmets, cannonballs, rifles. There is also a special collection of fossilized fossils of prehistoric animals, as well as stuffed parts of other animals. With all this, the collection of carpets from all over the world is invaluable. Unfortunately, most of the exhibits were stolen from the museum during the 1990s. After that, the special committee registered only 311 cases and 670 books. Originally, the museum had over 300 items. The Encyclopedia Britannica from 1788 and the English Family Bible from 1753, a model of a transatlantic ship from the 18th and 19th centuries are some of the most valuable that have unfortunately disappeared forever.


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Address: Baošići bb, 85340 Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Phone 1: +382 (0) 31 350 820

Phone 2: +382 (0) 31 350 840


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