Savinska Dubrava

Savinska Dubrava

The forest and recreational park, as well as beautiful lookouts, are located near the sacral ensemble to which the Savina Monastery (13th century church) belongs.The lush evergreen flora is the reason why this park-forest, which covers an area of ​​35.46 ha, is also known as the "lungs of Herceg Novi". Pine, cypress, oak, hornbeam, chestnut, laurel, sagebrush, black ash, ivy, blackberries, mushrooms, figs, pomegranate are just some of the examples of flora that grows on the Savina dubrava. As a region of exceptional features, it has been a protected natural asset in category III since 1968, and in the IUCN categorization it has the status of V as a protected land-sea region.At only 100m from the sea, walking along a winding forest path, you will come across pedestrian, stone-paved roads, which lead to lookouts in front of which the beauty of the entrance to the Bay of Kotor is selflessly revealed.


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