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Hotel Fiammanti

Hotel Fiammanti

Hotel Fiammanti is located in the center of Đenovići on the coast. Đenovići - this small place is a godsend for the modern tourist, no matter where he came from. The coast is 2 km long and is lined with small sandy and concrete beaches. Thanks to the mild climate in Đenovići, different types of vegetation are present.

The famous festival dedicated to the mimosa flower is in February, when there is a big fest in Đenovići. For the entire 12 months, Đenović has been a refuge for a picky tourist clientele. Nearby are Tivat Airport (12 km) and Dubrovnik (35 km). At the place where sky, sea and mountains hug, there is a small Mediterranean country, Montenegro.

A unique oasis in which 4 different geographical and climatic areas intertwine, allows you to enjoy sunbathing on the beautiful beaches of the Adriatic, rafting on the Tara, skiing on the magical peaks of Durmitor and Bjelasica


Website: http://www.hotelfiammanti.me

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: Đenovići bb, 85345 Herceg-Novi, Crna Gora

Telephone: +382 (0) 69 010 080


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