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Оперный фестиваль Operosa в Черногории

Оперный фестиваль Operosa в Черногории

Operosa is a classical music and opera festival that aims to popularize young and talented opera singers. This is the first opera festival in Montenegro. In the summer, young and well-known opera singers from the Balkans as well as foreign musicians perform some of the most famous operatic works in history. The organizer of the festival is Operosa, an international platform for communication, knowledge and information sharing in the performing arts, whose mission is to show opera as a modern and exciting form so that young artists can develop. thanks to working with world-class manufacturers.

The Operosa Opera and Classical Music Festival was founded in 2006 by mezzosopran Katerina Haataja to popularize young operatic talents and contemporary expression to the public. The Operosa Montenegro Opera Festival takes place on the unique open-air stage of Kanli Kula. The festival combines unique performances of international opera talent with a rich local cultural heritage, attracting an increasing number of audiences and media from all over the world. The aim of the Operosa Festival is to focus on a repertoire that is best suited to young opera singers, working with top-notch producers and presenting opera as a modern and fun form.


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